Date Update
3/5/05 Reloaded photos of Circe, Sybil & Song to improve definition

Loaded new photos of Dragon (Song Litter) &Fait (A Litter)

3/5/05 Reformatted dog pages

Added Deerhound index page & “other breeds” to it

3/9/05 Added Title for Casta Diva (Hunter progeny) & Corrected name on Embassy Sweets
3/17/05 Updated photos of Finnegan, Charade & Obe
3/17/05 Updated Dogs Available Page
5/3/05 Added Tibetan Mastiff page - Himalaya's Zarrindohkt & pedigree
5/3/05 Modified Dog Available Page
5/3/05 Modified Deerhound page - added Tibetan Mastiff Link
7/7/05 Moved Finnegan & Hondo to Past, Updated photos of Zara & Fancy
7/7/05 Updates links to A Littermates, Borzoi Page, Greyhound Page, Charade, Syren, Paddy, Cat, Cherry, Hondo and Witches
8/15/05 Added OFA for Paddy, Added Ch. to Cameo and put 3 dogs on Dogs Available Page
9/17/05 New photos of Hunter, Cameo, Kimi and Cosmo.
9/17/05 Added co-owners to Sybil & changed dogs available page.
10/5/05 Added Gabriella Page, updated associated links
10/6/05 Added Gabriella Pedigree Page, updated associated links
4/4/06 Updated Desire, Siobiohan, Dogs Available
6/13/06 Updated images for Litter page-Magic, Cameo, Cat and Paddy
6/13/06 Updated litter page with Borzoi and Greyhound litters due
6/16/06 Updated Index Page, Added Pedigrees to Litters Due

Updated Photos of Desiree and Fair, Updated Pedigree Magic x Cameo, Updated Dogs Available Page, Updated Littermates A-Litter page


Added Puppy pages for Charm & Magic 2 litters, revised Dogs Available page to add link to puppy pages

7/13/06 Added Week 2 for all puppies
7/21/06 Added Week 3 puppies pictures, updated CERF on 9 dogs
7/23/06 Updated CERF on 2 dogs
7/28 Added Week 4 puppy photos
7/31/06 Updated photos of Zappa, Charade and Gabriella
8/5/06 Added Greyhound Litter Page - 5 Week photos
8/6/06 Added Borzoi Litter Page 5 Week photos
8/16/06 Added Week 6 for Borzoi and Greyhounds
8/21/06 Added Week 7 Photos for Borzoi and Greyhounds
8/31/06 Updated Index page, updated Zappa's section, updated with actual puppies available.
9/1/06 Added CHIC numbers to Luna and Hunter pages
9/3/06 Added Week 9 Photos of Charm and Magic2 Litters
9/25/06 Added Puppies at 11 weeks
9/26/06 Added Margot's AOM Photo
10/27/06 Added Solara Page, modified associated links
10/27/06 Updated Dogs Available Page
10/29/06 Added Charm & Magic Litter Pages for Week 16
11/24/06 Updated pup pages, resized some photos, add new photo of Eclipse and repaired some links
12/16/06 General update on many pages, links, pedigress, etc.
5/11/07 Updated photos of Mickey, Aidan, Wizard, Tess, Kai and Maggie
6/3/07 Added new photos of Tour, Gilly, Minna, Skye and Lyonesse. Updated links
6/31/07 Added pedigrees for Lyonesse and Skye
7/16/07 Added new photo of Merci
7/21/07 Added CERF Heart OFA numbers for Mandrake, Charade, Rouge, Margot, Gabriella and Zara
10/10/07 Added deceased dates for Mariah, Teak and Angelica. Added OFA Heart for Fait
10/15/07 Added new photo of Tess (Cameo Progeny Page)

Updated A & Moonlight Litter pages

11/19/07 Updated News page & Lyonesse Photo

Moved Paddy and Magy Pages to deceased column

4/25/08 Structured Jazz Litter Page for Jazz x Margot Litter of greyhounds
6/29/08 Updated photos of Skye; added Litter Page Day 1 for Mickey x Luna litter
7/29/08 Updated Mickey Luna Litter at 4 weeks
8/11/08 Updated Micky Luna Litter with new page at 6 weeks
8/11/08 Updated Jazz Margot Litter with new page at 4 months
8/29/08 Added names to Luna Litter 6 wk page
9/6/08 Added week 9 photos of Luna's litter
9/12/08 Added 5 month photos of Jazz Litter
12/19/08 Updated Borzoi Pages and Greyhound Pages - Many of them, added individual pages for both Greyhound and Borzoi litters
1/13/09 Updated Mickey X Luna Litter Page

Updated News Page and Eclipse section on Moonlight Litter Page (Magy)

1/10/10 Updated all links
1/10/11 Added Greyhound album from Lompoc July 2010
1/10/11 Added Wizard's new information and added Ch. to Etta
2/5/11 Added pages for Bella and Indy
4/19/11 Updated Photos of Indy, Bella, Miles and I/B Littermates